Huduma za Veterinari

The services we offer

(a) Register Veterinarians, Veterinary Specialists and veterinary practice facilities;

(b) Enrol Paraprofessionals;

(c) Enlist Paraprofessional Assistants;

(d) Regulate veterinary practice;

(e) Recognize qualifications, training facilities, training institutions and colleges;

(f) Determine the minimum standards for, veterinary Practice facilities;

(g) Determine the scope of practice activities by Veterinarians, Veterinary Specialists, Paraprofessionals and Paraprofessional Assistants;

(h) Determine minimum standards required for training proficiency for degree, diploma, certificates or any other award entitling the holders thereof to practice veterinary medicine;

(i) Exercise effective disciplinary control over the professional ethics and conduct of veterinary practice;

(j) Promote and encourage educational advancement with regard to the practice of the Veterinary Profession;

(k) Provide information and education as regards to the Veterinary Profession;

(l) Facilitate collaborations among persons and organizations relating to veterinary practice in order to enhance dignity and integrity of the veterinary profession;

(m) Arrange and conduct qualifying examinations to establish competence in veterinary education and practice;

(n) Monitor the performance of veterinarians, veterinary specialists, paraprofessionals and Paraprofessional Assistants;

(o) Advise and make recommendations to the Minister responsible for livestock on any matters relating to veterinary practice.

(p) Collaborate with other relevant institutions or bodies in accrediting courses of training curriculum, which provide qualifications for registrations of Veterinarians Veterinary Specialists, enrolment of Paraprofessional and enlistment of Paraprofessional Assistants