(i)Initiate and review fisheries policies, legislations guidelines and standards;

(ii)Promote investment in the fisheries sector;

(iii)Promote development of fisheries markets infrastructures;

(iv)Enforce fisheries legislations;

(v)Liaise with regional and international organizations on fisheries Trans-boundary issues;

(vi)Promote quality aquaculture practices; and

(vii)Identify potential areas for investments in fisheries.

This Division will be led by a Director and will comprise of four sections:

(i)Fisheries Resource Development Section;

(ii)Fisheries Quality Assurance, Control, Marketing and Market Infrastructure Section;

(iii)Monitoring, Control and Surveillance Section; and

(iv)Fisheries Laboratory Services Section



(i)Develop, review and monitor implementation of aquaculture policies, legislations, guidelines and standards;

(ii)Facilitate the private sector in providing technical backstopping in processing, marketing and provision of information;

(iii)Monitor and coordinate aquaculture products production, processing and marketing infrastructure development and aquaculture operations;

(iv)Regulate aquaculture inputs;

(v)Identify potential areas for aquaculture investment;

(vi)Prevent and control aquaticdiseases;

(vii)Strengthen regional and International collaborations on aquaculture;

(viii)Promote and facilitate formation and functioning of aquaculture associations;

(ix)Promote and coordinate aquaculturedevelopment programmes;

(x)Regulate and strengthen inspectorate services of cross border and in-house for export and import of aquaculture products and inputs;

(xi)Promote development of aquaculture management plans and by-laws at local Government;

(xii)Determine minimum standards for aquaculture infrastructure;

(xiii)Develop and maintain aquaculture database system; and

(xiv)Monitor and evaluate aquaculture activities.

This Division will be led by a Director and will comprise of three sections:

(i)Aquaculture Production, Marketing and Market Development Section;

(ii)Aquaculture Inputs and Infrastructure Development Section; and

(iii)Aquatic Disease Management Section.



(i)Facilitate and monitor fisheries research, training and extension programmes;

(ii)Develop and maintain fisheries research database;

(iii)Prepare and distribute fisheries research, training and extension policies, regulations and guidelines;

(iv)Disseminate new and improved technologies;

(v)Prepare and update fisheries research agenda; and

(vi)Build capacity of Sector staff in research and training institute, Regional Secretariats and LGAs.

The Division will be led by a Director and will comprise of two Sections as follows:-

(i)Fisheries and Aquaculture Research and Training Section; and

(ii)Fisheries and Aquaculture Extension Services Section.


The Agency will be led by Chief Executive and will perform the following activities:

(i)Provide education and training in fisheries science and technologies, aquaculture, fisheries management and allied fields;

(ii)Provide consultancy and extension services in fisheries, Aquaculture, fishing vessels safety and allied technologies;

(iii)Conduct applied research on fisheries, aquaculture and allied technologies;

(iv)Provide fish, Aqua seed and feed;

(v)Promote fish trade and aqua business;

(vi)Disseminate innovations in fisheries, aquaculture and allied fields;

(vii)Produce fishing boats, fishing gears and aquaculture facilities; and

(viii)Ensure efficient and effective management of the Agency.


The Institute will be led by Director General and will perform the following activities:

(i)Promote the development, improvement and protection of the institute fishing industry;

(ii)Carry out, and Promote the inquiries, experiments and research in fisheries, and in aquaculture;

(iii)Carry out research in various aspects of fisheries for the purpose of establishing, improving or developing better methods or techniques of fishing, farming fish or manufacturing or using fish or fish products;

(iv)Carry out research and investigation into fish diseases and their causes so as to develop ways of controlling or preventing the occurrence of particular fish diseases or any category of them;

(v)Co-ordinate research in fisheries which is carried out within the United Republic;

(vi)Establish and operate a system of documentation and dissemination of the findings of inquiries. experiments and research in fisheries, which are carried out within the United Republic, for use by the Government, public institutions and other persons engaged in the fishing industry in the United Republic;

(vii)Advise the Government, public institutions and other persons or bodies of persons engaged in the fishing industry in Tanzania on the practical application of the findings of inquiries, experiments and research carried out by or on behalf of the Institute;

(viii)In co-operation with the Government or any persons, within or outside the United Republic, to promote or provide facilities for, the instruction and training of local personnel for Carrying out research in fisheries, and for the management of the fishing industry;

(ix) Assume responsibility for the control and manage the business and affairs of any Centre which may be established, or vested in the Institute, by or under this Act or any other written law; and

(x)Do anything or enter into any transaction which, in the opinion of the Board, is necessary or desirable for the purposes of the better performance of the functions of the Institute under the Act.


The Authority will be led by Director General and will perform the following functions:

(i)Promote, regulate and control fishing in the Exclusive Economic Zone of the United Republic;

(ii)Regulate the licensing of persons and ships intending to fish in the Exclusive Economic Zone;

(iii)Initiate, implement and ascertain the enforcement of policies on deep sea fishing vessels;

(iv)Formulate and coordinate programmes for scientific research in respect of fishing;

(v)Negotiate and enter into any fishing or other contract, agreement or any kind of fishing cooperation with any government, international organization or other institution in pursuance of the provisions of this Act;

(vi)Undertake any other act or thing required or permitted to be done in furtherance of the purposes and provisions of this Act;

(vii)Safeguard Exclusive Economic Zones environment; and

(viii)Implement any agreement reached at regional and other international levels which the United Republic is a party.


The Unit will be led by Manager and will perform the following functions:

(i)Establish and monitor, the control, management and administration of marine parks and reserves;

(ii)Seek funds for the establishment and development of marine parks and reserves;

(iii)Expend such funds in furtherance of the establishment and development of Marine Parks and Reserves;

(iv)Implement and enforce the provisions of this Act and subsidiary legislation pursuant to section 18 to 38 of this Act;

(v)Establish, operate or manage office and service for the purpose of their duties and functions under this Act, in the publicizing of their activities, the promotion of interest in the conservation of fish, aquatic flora, animals, vegetation and other features and the assistance of visitors to the marine parks;

(vi)Provide educational and informational services to local resident users of any marine park or reserve;

(vii)Establish, operate or manage or grant concession or licenses to other persons tooperate of manage on their behalf any rest camps, lodges, restaurants or other places for the accommodation of visitors traveling to or from any marine park or for the accommodation of visitors to any place of aesthetic, geologic, prehistoric archaeological, historic, or scientific interest, which may be operated in connection with any Marine park; and

(viii)Operate transport services for the conveyance of visitors to or any from the marine parks or other places managed or operated by or on behalf of the Unit.



(i)Advice the Permanent Secretary on administrative and human resources matters;

(ii)Provide strategic inputs on Administration and Human Resources Management issues such as recruitment, human resources development and training, promotion, discipline, retention, motivation, performance management and welfare;

(iii)Facilitate optimal, efficient and effective managementand utilization of human resources in the Office;

(iv)Collect, analyse, store and disseminate data and information related to human resource development plans;

(v)Provide a link between the Office and the President’s Office Public Service Management on operationalisation of the Public Service Management and Employment Policy and relevant Public Service Acts;

(vi)Provide data support and up-date records on various human resources information;

(vii)Provide all organization services development; and

(viii)To process terminal benefits and leave.

This Division will be led by a Director and will comprise two sections as follows:

(i)Administration Section; and

(ii)Human Resources Management Section.



(i)Coordinate preparation of ministerial policies and monitor their implementation and carry out their impact assessments;

(ii)Analyse policies from other sectors and advise accordingly;

(iii)Coordinate preparations and implementations of ministerial plans and budgets;

(iv)Carry out monitoring and evaluation of the Office’s plans and budgets and prepare performance reports;

(v)Carry out research, assessments and evaluation of ministerial plans and provide a basis for making informed decisions on the future direction of the Office;

(vi)Encourage and facilitate the provision of services by the Private Sector in the Office;

(vii)Coordinate preparations of Office contributions to the Budget Speech and Annual Economic Report;

(viii)Institutionalise strategic planning; budget; and monitoring and evaluation skills in the Office; and

(ix)Ensure that Office plans and budgets are integrated into the government budgeting process.

This Division will be led by a Director and will comprise three Sections as follows:-

(i)Policy Section;

(ii)Planning Section; and

(iii)Monitoring, Evaluation and Performance Reporting Section.