Posted On: Tuesday 12, June 2018

Tanzania is among the developing nations targeting to become middle
income country by 2025 as provided in the Tanzania Development
Vision 2025. The Agricultural Sector contributes significantly to the
socio-economic growth of Tanzania. The smallholder farmers (including
livestock and fishery) dominate production, with more than 90%
of cultivated land. The sector provides about 65.5% of employment;
provides livelihood to more than 70% of population, 29% of GDP; 30%
of exports and 65% of inputs to the industrial sector (URT 2014).
The government through Agriculture Sector Lead Ministries (ASLMs)
in collaboration with other stakeholders has formulated the Agricultural
Sector Development Programme phase two (ASDP II). This is a tenyears
programme (2017/2018–2027/2028) that will be implemented in
two (2) phases each divided into five-year implementation period. The
First Phase will start in 2017/2018 – 2022/2023. The program is a follow
up to the ASDP I implemented from 2006/2007 to 2013/2014.
The aim of ASDP II is to address critical constraints and challenges to
sector performance and to speed up agriculture GDP, improve growth
of smallholder incomes and ensure food security and nutrition by
2025. The programme builds on and strengthens successful investments
under ASDP-1, consistent with the long-term and medium-term policy
frameworks, the sector development strategy developed in Agricultural
Sector Development Strategy (ASDS 2001), the signed sector investment
plan (Tanzania Agriculture and Food Security Investment Plan - TAFSIP,
2011), the revised ASDS-II (2015) and key lessons learned from ASDP-