Waziri wa Mifugo na Uvuvi


Personal Particulars



MOBILE PHONE: +255 782 999 650 / +255 767 179 368

E-MAIL ADDRESS: joelndaki2@gmail.com, minister@mifugo.go.tz

DATE OF BIRTH: 7th December 1962


RELIGION: Christian


LANGUAGES: English, Kiswahili

Occupational Background

I worked with Buluba High School as a Voluntary Teacher for two years before joining World Vision Tanzania in September 1995. I have served within World Vision Tanzania in various capacities including Project Coordinator in Kahama Child Survival Program from September 1995 to December 1999. From January 2000 to April 2005 I served as a Design, Monitoring & Evaluation Coordinator, whereas, from May 2005 to April 2012 I was serving the organization in the capacity of a zonal manager. I am a graduate of Economics from the University of Dar es salaam and possess a Master degree in Community Economic Development from the Southern New Hampshire University. On working with World Vision, I have acquired a vast experience ranging from program coordination and management, participatory program assessment, monitoring & evaluation, program designing & writing proposals and provision of overall management and implementation of the integrated development programs. Prior to being Associate Director - Programs, I have served in the capacity of a Senior Operations Manager for two (2) years and as a zonal Manager for seven (7) years and collected vast experiences related to team building and management, strategic engagement, business relationship & networking, and increasingly acquired leadership skills. I am married to Joyce, and blessed with four children, two girls and two boys. Both me and Joyce we are members of a Pentecostal Church known as Evangelical Assemblies of God (Tanzania).

In summary: My technical capabilities revolve around providing leadership in sponsorship and grants programming, Projects Assessment and Design , Proposal Writing, Program Monitoring and Evaluation, People and Asset Management, strategic planning processes, building self-result based managing teams, and change management.

Education Background and Professional Training

  • Master in Community Economic Development – Southern New Hampshire University, 2003.
  • Bachelor of Arts (Economics) – University of Dar es Salaam, 1992.

Key Professional Courses/Training

Program Management (PMD Pro) – Arusha, Tanzania.

Bullet Proof Manager Training – Arusha, Tanzania.

Logical Framework Analysis (LFA) – Kahama, Tanzania.

Result Based Management (RBM), standards and Indicators – Livingstone, Zambia.

Participatory Rural Appraisal (PRA)/Participatory Evaluation Process (PEP) – Kahama, Tanzania.

Appreciative Inquiry &Community Capacity Indicators - Arusha-Tanzania

Proposal Writing - Kahama - Tanzania

Design, Monitoring & Evaluation - MS TCDC –Arusha, Tanzania

Servant Leadership – Arusha, Tanzania.

Transformational Development Indicator - Johannesburg – South Africa

Change Management Training, Arusha Tanzania.

Work History

  • 1.Member of Parliament – United Republic of Tanzania; November 2015 todate.
  • 2.Associate Director - Programs – World Vision Tanzania; April, 2012 to September 2015
  • 3.Minister - Ministry of Livestock and Fisheries – December, 2020 todate.

Key responsibilities: Provide the overall leadership and manage the integrated programs in a geographical area that covered three zones (Programs included: Sponsorship, Private Non Sponsorship Grant, Government Grants and Relief operations) to ensure World Vision Tanzania programs have optimum impact, are cost effective and maintain high level of excellence, accountability, reporting, monitoring and evaluation as per approved policies, systems, procedures and donor requirements. The major responsibilities include:- building the organizational culture among staff; coordination with People & Culture team for people development/management; coordinating with finance team for sound financial management, compliance and control; supporting teams for program quality assurance; assuring efficient and effective integration of programs, sponsorship operations management, MFI initiatives, advocacy, communication and networking with Support Offices, donors, government and other stakeholders to assure satisfaction and maximization of WVT contribution to Child Wellbeing Outcomes and country’s development strategy.

  • 4.Zonal Manager – World Vision Tanzania – May 2005 – March, 2012

Main duties included:

Lead, organize, coordinate and manage all (15ADPs) programs and projects in a geographical zone. This included provision of leadership skills in implementation of programs and ensuring that funds and assets are efficiently and effectively used.

Organize and coordinate the Zonal team for quality programs design, strategic planning and budgeting. This included making sure that all programs and projects have generated and submitted realistic annual budgets and cash flow in time.

Create a committed management team and work force able to fulfill the organization’s goals. Duties included; generating a management team that demonstrates team work spirit, creating appropriate working atmosphere and culture and monitor and evaluate performance of staff.

Ensure appropriate financial stewardship is met in all programs operating in the zone. Activities included: Financial policies and guidelines are enforced and adhered to by staff, ensure assets and financial resources are used for the intended purposes, and procurement of supplies and equipment is strictly done following the appropriate manuals, policies, systems and procedures.

Facilitate good working relationships with support offices, donor agencies, government, and other organization’s partners. Duties involved include; conducting joint programs coordinating committee meetings with districts leaders, conducting planning meetings with donors, participating in support officers meetings, and generating MOUs with government/district councils, CBOs and other development stakeholders.

Key responsibilities: To provide overall leadership and management of WVT programs and promote empowerment approach model that enhance sustainable household economy within a geographical zone in line with partnership and National Office strategies and policies for achieving Child Well-being Outcomes.

  • 5.Design, Monitoring & Evaluation Coordinator: January, 2000 – April, 2005

Main duties included:

  • Provide technical support to programs/projects for quality programs design and strategic planning. This included designing, monitoring implementation and evaluation, developing M & E Framework and reviewing of Programs Design Documents, Annual Operation plans and Proposals.
  • Monitor Progress of Programs implementation according to specific goals and timeframe. It included conducting supportive monitoring visits to programs/projects on monthly basis to examine program implementation status, review evaluation and audit recommendations and establish an effective system for regular data collection, compilation, reporting and utilization.
  • Ensure appropriate financial stewardship is met in all programs in the Zone.
  • Duties involved include; enquiring about outstanding balances, over expenditure and under expenditure, advice on how to manage over and under expenditure, and review financial reports.
  • Provide capacity building support to program/project coordinators on designing, implementation, and monitoring and evaluation skills in order for them to utilize the knowledge for proper and appropriate management of their programs/projects.
  • Facilitate and participate in mid-term and end of term program/project evaluations and conduct baseline surveys. This included recruitment of consultants, agreeing on terms and conditions, recruiting enumerators, developing survey or evaluation questionnaires and supervising enumerators,
  • Facilitate preparation/Compilation of Monthly, Quarterly, Bi-Annual and Annual reports.

Key responsibilities: ensure implementation of the program is aligned with the donor requirements, the Government of Tanzania; and WV policies, standards and procedures; supervision to project Coordinators in ensuring high standards of program management and compliance including reporting; to ensure timely commitment; to lead proposal writing for strategic grants programs opportunities; develop and maintain good relationships with donors and other stakeholders as well as documenting and disseminating the promising practices.

  • 6.Emergence Operations Coordinator 2002 and 2004

This was the project sponsored by World Food Program as a result of acute shortage of food in Shinyanga region, Tanzania. It was an added responsibility in addition to my role as a Design, Monitoring & Evaluation Coordinator. My role was to recruit and train food monitors and supervisors on management of food distribution to targeted communities. Overall management of the project included proper distribution of food to targeted community beneficiaries in accordance to the set down procedures, Supervise food transporters and ensure proper quantity of food is ferried to the required destination, consultation with Regional commissioner and District commissioners on security of food from warehouse to village destinations, prepare and submit Weekly, Monthly, and Final reports to different stakeholders, and finally, conduct Monitoring and Evaluation of the operations.

  • 7.Project Coordinator - Kahama Child Survival Program; September, 1995 – December, 1999.

Main duties included:

  • Facilitate training to leaders from district to village levels on child Survival Project activities.
  • Facilitate training to Community health providers.
  • Coordinate Project Coordination Committee meetings.
  • Prepare and document project’s core documents like Project Design Documents, Annual Implementation plans and share it with project stakeholders.
  • Prepare activity annual plans and budgets for the project.
  • Facilitate and coordinate communities to organize themselves into community-based organizations for sustainable development.

Key responsibilities: Coordinate implementation of project interventions that empower children, community and local leaders and local institutions for sustainable development.

Research Assistant for reasons of witchcraft in Shinyanga Region. A research conducted 7. Research Assistant for reasons of Witchcraft in Shinyanga region by the University of Dar-es-Salaam.

Key responsibilities:

My key responsibilities were preparing the questionnaire as the changing nature of the date needed on different round surveys; preparing the budget required to each round survey and implement when approved by the project leaders; administer the finance and logistics required for all of the survey sites; recruit / hire and train supervisors and monitor the proper running of the survey both by the supervisors and enumerators in all survey sites; insure an appropriate data collecting and timely completion of the survey; inspect the data editors when the filled-in questionnaires are verified and coded with respect to the modified responses in each subsequent survey; control to overall activities of data handlers (data entry people) employed for post survey data management; clean & verify the data of each round survey in order to insure the correct entry of the data.


8. Key Consultancy Assignments undertaken:

1.Lead Facilitator/Consultant in participatory programs baselines: Facilitated baseline survey of the Kanadi ADP in 2002, Nyabubinza ADP in May/June2003, Isanga ADP in December 2004 and came up with baseline reports that used as bench mark for future evaluation of the programs.

2. Lead Consultant: Kishapu Drought Response Project Evaluation, November 2004.


1.Yosh Kasilima, Integrated programs Director, World Vision Tanzania, Arusha, Tanzania, e-mail yosh_kasilima@wvi.org, mobile +255 787 442 711