About the Sector


The President of the United Republic of Tanzania issued a Notice on assignment of Ministerial responsibilities (Instrument) vide Government Notice No. 494 of 17 December, 2010.In that Instrument, the President has created a Ministry of Livestock and Fisheries Development which is mandated for formulation of livestock and fisheries policies and monitoring their implementation, development of livestock and fisheries infrastructure, carrying out research on livestock and fisheries and ensuring that the quality of livestock and fisheries is sustainable.


1.1.1 Vision

To have a Livestock sector that is sustainable, commercial, and contributing to livelihood, employment, national income and food security;

1.1.2 Mission

To build and support the technical and professional capacity of local government authorities and private sector in order to develop, manage, and regulate the livestock resources sustainably.


The current functions and organizational structure of Ministry of Livestock and Fisheries Development comprises of Core and Support Divisions and Units as follows (see Chart 1):-

(i)Livestock Production and Marketing Infrastructure Development Division;

(ii)Veterinary Services Division;

(iii)Livestock Identification and Traceability Unit;

(iv)Research Coordination Training and Extension Services Division;

(v)Aquaculture Development Division;

(vi)Fisheries Development Division;

(vii)Administration and Human Resources Management Division;

(viii)Policy and Planning Division;

(ix)Finance and Accounts Unit;

(x)Internal Audit Unit;

(xi)Procurement Management Unit ;

(xii)Information and Communication Technology Unit ;

(xiii)Veterinary Council of Tanzania (Secretariat);

(xiv)National Livestock Research Institute Mpwapwa;

(xv)Central veterinary Laboratory (Temeke);

(xvi)Legal Services Unit; and

(xvii)Information, Education & Communication Unit.