The following steps are proposed to obtain a license to establish a cage fish farm:

The prospective farmer and investor will start by visiting responsible fisheries agencies such where the proposed cage culture investment is to be established to obtain information on the requirements and expectations.

o At this stage, the farmer and investor are expected to either prove that they are citizens of the respective countries by presenting authentic and valid national identity cards or documents to prove that they are legally living in the countries for foreign investors.

o In addition, foreign investors are expected to present an investment license issued by respective investment authorities.

Site suitability report done by the above mention competent authorities

The prospective investors or farmers who want to establish intensive or semi-intensive aquaculture production systems like cage aquaculture shall submit to the competent authority for approval, a plan of the establishment including projection and operation details of the farm in line with the above mentioned in these guidelines with the following information. The names and address of the establishments and managers; The type of aquaculture to be practiced;

The water discharge plan including measures for treatment of farm effluents into the surroundings and steps for screening to avoid farmed fish escapees;

The clearance/permit for water abstraction and discharge in case of use in excess of 400m3 of water a day;

Evidence of community involvement and Social cooperate responsibility near the site (land free of encumbrances).

Certificate of incorporation and registration of business

Registration with local government/ trading license

Directorate of Aquaculture permit issued

Evidence of feed being obtained from a certified source(s)

Evidence of seed being obtained from a certified source(s).

If these requirements are met, the farmers will be issued a two year provisional license to establish and operate a cage fish farming enterprise. At this stage, the farmer can establish a cage fish farm on the approved site. Approved applicants are given approval numbers, and are added to the list of certified aquaculture establishments authorized to produce and sale particular aquaculture products locally and/or externally if they meet the export market requirements. Applications shall periodically be newedwhenever major changes are made to the originally approved plan. During operation and establishment, farmers or investors are expected to comply with all policies related with cage fish farming (Table 4-6). The respective fisheries agency will monitor farm operations and compliance through the first two years and if satisfactory, an operating license for a longer period shall be issued.

However, establishment and operating licenses for cage fish farming on Lake Victoria shall not be offered for more than ten successive years.