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Trans-Boundary Animal Diseases Control & ZOO-Sanitary Services Section

This section will perform the following activities:

(i)           Provide policies and guidelines for control of Trans boundary livestock diseases;

(ii)          Design and implement integrated programmes for control of Tran boundary livestock diseases;

(iii)        Coordinate and supervise animal disease surveillance and reporting;

(iv)        Provide skills for planning and implementation of animal diseases control programmes to local government authorities staff;

(v)         Control non infectious diseases;

(vi)        Facilitate provision of animal health services for control of Livestock Diseases in disadvantaged areas;

(vii)      Monitor and draw up programmes for control of skin diseases that affect quality of hides and skins;

(viii)     Set up disease free zones, facilitate formulation and implementation of disease control in the zones for promotion of export of livestock and livestock products;

(ix)        Provide policies and guidelines for conducting zoo-sanitary inspections and quarantine to local governments;

(x)         Regulate in country and international movement of livestock and livestock commodities;

(xi)        Enforce and create awareness on zoosanitary regulation;

(xii)      Provide inspectorate and international certification services for animals and animal products;

(xiii)     Undertake disease risk assessment and prevent entry of exotic diseases;

(xiv)    Put in place and enforce systems of animal identification and traceability for purposes of disease control;

(xv)      Provide skills for supervision of livestock movement to Veterinary Staff in Local Government Authorities; ad

(xvi)    Establish and maintain quarantine facilities for Livestock export.

This Section will be led by an Assistant Director.

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