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Tanzania Veterinary Laboratory Agency

Agency Establishment

The Ministry of Livestock and Fisheries Development (MLFD) decided to merge CVL, TTRI, TTRC and VICs to form an Executive Agency. The decision came out as an implementation of a number of initiatives including the recent resolutions of research stakeholders meeting held at Kibaha in July 2010 to discuss animal disease research and diagnostic services in the country for the purpose of maximizing the efficiency and effectiveness in the delivery of diagnostic services, disease surveillance, animal diseases and vector control research. The Ministry formed an Agency Implementation Team (AIT) to prepare the necessary documents to establish an Agency under the facilitation of the President’s Office – Public Service Management (PO- PSM) in accordance with the Executive Agency Act Cap 245 and Revised Edition of 2009.

Therefore, Tanzania Veterinary Laboratory Agency was established in accordance with the Executive Agency Act CAP 245 (Revised Edition; R.E 2009) and published on the Government Gazette on 29th March 2012. The Agency is mandated to undertake diagnosis of animal diseases, regulate veterinary laboratories, conduct research on animal diseases and vectors, develop and produce vaccines and other biological


To promote animal health welfare through animal disease and vector control study, surveillance and diagnostic services to livestock stakeholders in order to enhance food safety, food security and national economy.


The major role of tvla is to implement the objective of establishing the veterinary laboratory system as outlined in the national livestock policy (2006). the roles and functions are to:

i. To undertake diagnosis and investigation of animal diseases and vectors;

ii. To develop and produce vaccines and other biologicals;

iii. To test and evaluate biologicals, ethno-veterinary and laboratory chemicals;

iv. To analyse safety of animal feed stuff;

v. To validate tests and standards for animal disease and laboratory diagnosis;

vi. To provide referral veterinary laboratory services and vector and vector borne diseases for Tanzania and SADC region for specified diseases;

vii. To establish and maintain data base on animal diseases and vectors;

viii. To develop and upscale technological packages;

ix. To regulate veterinary laboratories;

x. To validate veterinary pesticides; and

xi. To validate veterinary cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and devices.


“To be a leading Agency in Sub-Saharan Africa in provision of quality veterinary diagnostic services, development and production of biologicals and technological packages by 2025”.


Develop and provide quality veterinary products, technological packages and services to stakeholders through cost effective diseases diagnosis, surveillance and research to enhance sustainable livestock productivity, food safety, security and national economy.


i. To develop and market appropriate technological packages and biologicals;

ii. To institutionalize management Systems

iii. To strengthen surveillance and diagnostic services

iv. To improve infrastructures and facilities

v. To strengthen Financial and Human Resource management systems

vi. To strengthen institutional arrangements and

vii. To address crosscutting issues


  •  Animal disease research agenda in place
  • Vaccines and biologicals in the market
  • More research are conducted
  • Technological packages for vector and vector borne are adopted by stakeholders
  • We have capacity to control pests and disease outbreak of trans-boundary nature and notifiable diseases
  • Ethno-veterinary medicinal plants are used in controlling animal diseases
  • To develop performance management systems
  • Quality standards are followed in the laboratory
  • Agency information database is functional
  • Quality diagnostic services are provided to our customers
  • There are guidelines and manual for quality diagnostic services and veterinary inputs
  • Issues regarding veterinary drugs, medicines, herbal drugs, devices and cosmetics are no longer present
  • Support services to staff with HIV/AIDS is provided

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