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Planning Section

This Section will perform the following activities:

(i)           Coordinate formulation and preparation of the Ministry’s medium term strategic plan, annual action plans and budgets;

(ii)         Compile reports on ministerial projects, programmes and Action Plans and Develop strategies for resource mobilization;

(iii)        Prepare, monitor, evaluate and review the implementation of the Ministry’s Strategic Plans and Budget in liaison with the Ministry of Finance and President’s Office – Public Service Management;

(iv)       Provide technical guidance and support for institutionalization of Strategic Planning and Budgeting process within the Office;

(v)         Prepare memorandum of understanding for projects and programs for international financing;

(vi)       Coordinate the preparation of Office budget speech; and

(vii)      Participate in analysis of outsourcing of non-core functions (Private Sector Participation).

This Section will be led by an Assistant Director.

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