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To develop appropriate technologies for the livestock industry in order to increase production and productivity

The institute will be responsible for the following activities.

(i)           Develop technologies to evaluate and conserve livestock genetic resources having unique characteristics (e.g. diseases, drought resistance, higher twining etc);

(ii)          Provide technical backstopping to the divisions of the Ministry of Livestock Development on matters related but not limited to breeding, animal feeds and feeding, pasture, livestock husbandry, environment management, farming systems research;

(iii)        Collaborate with national and international laboratories to validate tests and standards for livestock production research;

(iv)        Develop technologies for on-station and on-farm breed evaluation programs of indigenous and adapted livestock.

(v)         Develop a Molecular Biology Laboratory for advanced livestock research; and

(vi)        Supervise and train MSc and PhD students in collaboration with other higher national and international institutions.

The Institute will be led by a Director.