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Livestock Research & Training Section

This Section will perform the following activities:

(i)           Coordinate livestock research in the country and outside the country;

(ii)          Review, develop and institute livestock research guidelines and ethics;

(iii)        Upscale appropriate technologies for sustainable livestock productivity;

(iv)        Develop livestock research data base;

(v)         Provide and monitor livestock research resources;

(vi)        Compile and disseminate research findings to stakeholders;

(vii)      Strengthen the capacity of livestock research and training institutes and centres to provide demand driven research and training through rehabilitation and retooling;

(viii)     Formulate, review and update training policies, rules and regulations;

(ix)        Evaluate the training programs offered by Livestock Training Institutes( LITIs) and review curricula to meet client demands;

(x)         Facilitate short and long term training for livestock extension staff, researchers and trainers;

(xi)        Organize and conduct long and short courses for livestock keepers;

(xii)      Organize and conduct long and short courses on profitable livestock farming for youths;

(xiii)     Develop training programs that will address special needs;

(xiv)    Strengthen curriculum inspection and supervision for quality assurance of the training programs;

(xv)      Develop competence based instructional materials for use by LITIs, extension staff, farmers and other stakeholders;

(xvi)    Strengthen linkages between extension – research – training and liaise with national, regional and international institutions; and

(xvii)   Management and administration of Livestock Training Institutes.

This Section will be led by an Assistant Director.