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Livestock Products Development Section

This Section will perform the following activities:-

(i)           Facilitate monitor the promote investment in beef production in ranches, large scale farms and traditional sector;

(ii)          Regulate the meat industry through enactment and enforcement of meat industry laws and regulations;

(iii)        Facilitate and monitor milk production in large scale farms small holders farms and traditional sector;

(iv)        Facilitate and monitor livestock multiplication units;

(v)         Liaise with the Dairy Board to regulate the dairy industry;

(vi)        Facilitate monitor and promote small ruminant production;

(vii)      Facilitate and monitor non-ruminant production (pigs, poultry and rabbits) in commercial farms, hatcheries and traditional sector;

(viii)     Facilitate and monitor micro livestock production (water buffaloes, donkey, camels, horses, mules, asses etc);

(ix)        Promote production, distribution and utilization of quality livestock feeds;

(x)         Regulate production, utilization and disposal of livestock feed resources;

(xi)        Promote and coordinate dairy development programmes in the country;

(xii)      Promote and monitor the use of biotechnology in livestock production;

(xiii)     Promote production and trade of high quality hides and skins and increased production of domestic leather goods;

(xiv)    Review and enforce legislation governing quality control of hides and skins;

(xv)      Promotion of establishment and operationalisation of systems for improved collection of hides and skins from small holder producers;

(xvi)    Promotion of development of hides and skins technologies for improvement of the industry;

(xvii)   Promotion of market linkage between the buyers and sellers of hides and skins;

(xviii)  Promotion and strengthening of hides and skins traders, producers and processors associations and;

(xix)    Advocacy on revitalization and operationalisation of TILT and financing of leather training on production centers.

This Section will be led by an Assistant Director