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Land for Livestock Development Section

This Section will perform the following activities:

(i)           Provide guidelines for management, improvement development and utilization of rangelands;

(ii)          Coordinate designation of rangelands development areas for livestock use;

(iii)        Promote capacity building on sustainable rangeland management and utilization;

(iv)        Institute legal and regulation measures to manage rangelands and control free movement of pastoralists and agro pastoralists;

(v)         Support and promote rangeland resources management bodies;

(vi)        Promote the production and utilization of pasture and pasture seeds for improved livestock production;

(vii)      Oversee, strengthen, monitor and coordinate activities of pasture seeds farms;

(viii)     Promote forage conservation and utilization practices that use appropriate technologies;

(ix)        Promote management and regulate the utilization and conservation of water catchments areas for sustainable livestock production;

This Section will be led by an Assistant Director.