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Fisheries Resources Development

This Section will perform the following activities under the Assistant Director of Fisheries Resource Development:

  1.  Promote development of sustainable fisheries in natural waters;
  2.   Mobilize resources from within and external organizations and governments for fisheries sector development;
  3. Facilitate the conducting of environment impact assessment for all investment in the sector and monitor their implementation;
  4. Strengthen regional and international collaboration with relevant national and international institutions responsible for implementation of fisheries development and management conventions;
  5.  Promote national capacities in cooperation with small scale industries to produce fish and fishery products;
  6.   Promote development of alternative livelihoods in an effort to minimize over-fishing in the capture fisheries and increase income to stakeholders;
  7. Identify investment opportunities and prepare investment guidelines;
  8. Promote private sector enterprise development in the Fisheries Sector by promoting small scale and commercial fishing and aquaculture;
  9. Collect and coordinate statistics for policies, plans and budget development and dissemination to stakeholders;
  10. Coordinate and monitor environmental issues related to fisheries activities in major and minor water bodies;
  11. Monitor, evaluate and maintain Marine Parks and Reserves activities;
  12. Promote establishment and strengthening fisheries collaborative management initiatives;
  13. Promote community participation in the sector (co-management) and collaborate with other related sectors to enhance their participation;
  14. Develop and review management agreement with fisheries collaborative management units;
  15. Develop and review collaborative fisheries management guidelines;
  16. Establish and maintain a national register for fisheries collaborative management units;
  17. Facilitate formation and functioning of fisheries associations;
  18. Monitor and evaluate functions of fisheries collaborative management units and;
  19. Provide mitigating measures in fisheries development activities in order to resolve conflicting objective



  2. ANNUAL STATISTICS REPORT 2013. Please click here
  3.  FISHERIES MANAGEMENT PLAN.    Please Click here