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Fisheries Research and Training Section

This Section will perform the following activities:

(i)           Coordinate the assessment of fisheries resource;

(ii)          Assess research areas, set priorities and coordinate research activities undertaken by various institutions and organisations;

(iii)        Coordinate and disseminate research findings and monitor their application as appropriate;

(iv)        Coordinate national and international scientific and economic issues on fishery sector;

(v)         Promote national and regional research cooperation;

(vi)        Coordinate and maintain national fisheries databases and research findings;

(vii)      Monitor and evaluate national fisheries research institutions’ activities;

(viii)     Promote acquisition and documentation of fisheries knowledge;

(ix)         Monitor and evaluate training programmes offered by the Fisheries Training Institutes;

(x)        Develop training programmes that address the needs of the Fisheries Sector;

(xi)      Strengthen linkages among extension, research, training and liaise with national, regional and international institutions; and

(xii)     Strengthen the capacity of Fisheries Training Institutions.

This Section will be led by an Assistant Director