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Fisheries Marketing & Quality Control Section

This Section will perform the following activities:

(i)           Promote development of Fisheries Technologies for improvement of the Industry;

(ii)          Facilitate, monitor and promote investments in the Fishery Industry;

(iii)        Facilitate fish markets and other related infrastructure development and;

(iv)        Coordinate designation and designs of fisheries infrastructures to include landing stations, jetties, slipways, roads to landing stations, demonstration hatcheries, buildings etc.

(v)         Ensure harmonisation of National and International standards for the fish and fishery products meet the global markets requirement;

(vi)        Provide guidelines for production of quality fish and fishery products for public consumption and facilitate the conduction of appropriate sanitary inspection of products in the fish establishments, audit of production systems and issuance of Health Certificates;

(vii)      Maintain and establish National Fisheries Quality Control Laboratories,  facilitate provision of professional laboratory services and continuing  capacity building, in collaboration with other relevant regional and international institutions;

(viii)     Promote market linkages between the producers and consumers of fish and fishery products, and facilitate distribution and  marketing infrastructure development in collaboration with the private sectors;

(ix)        Promote the use of appropriate technologies in fish harvesting, handling, transportation and processing, production of value added products, utilization of low – valued species in the effort to reduce poverty;

(x)         Liaise with national and international organizations on matters related to fish and fishery products marketing;

(xi)        Facilitate harmonisation of National standards and regulations with international ones and disseminate information to relevant stakeholders to ensure compliance; and

(xii)      Collaborate with relevant national and international institutions to validate tests, upscale technologies and standards for fish and fishery products desired by stakeholders.

This Section will be led by an Assistant Director.