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Extension & Registration Section

This Section will perform the following activities:-

(i)           Develop extension packages and methodologies;

(ii)          Establish demonstration farms and pilot initiatives;

(iii)        Provide farmer’s education and publicity;

(iv)        Provide technical information on livestock development to general public;  

(v)         Facilitate formation of livestock farmers groups;

(vi)        Promote private sector empowerment;  

(vii)      Provide guidelines for pastoral social welfare and conflict management;

(viii)     Promote formation of pastoral and agro-pastoral ranching association;

(ix)        Promote establishment and strengthening of livestock farmers community based initiatives;

(x)         Establish a funding mechanism for pastoralists willing to resettle to new homesteads and;

(xi)        Coordinate Livestock infrastructure Development;

(xii)      Promote environmental friendly fishing and processing technologies;

(xiii)     Develop and review guidelines for extension services;

(xiv)    Coordinate extension services;

(xv)      Develop, implement and review public education programmes;

(xvi)    Promote information dissemination in the Fisheries Sector;

(xvii)   Monitor and evaluate extension services development;

(xviii)  Provide technical information on fisheries development to the general public;

(xix)    Promote private sector involvement and empowerment in the sector;

(xx)      Promote sharing and exchange of skills and knowledge; and

(xxi)    Promote formulation of sustainable livelihood projects and economic groups for community involvement in the management of fisheries resources.

This Section will be led by an Assistant Director