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Commemoration of the world Animal Day, O4 October 2013,Seth Benjamin Grounds USA River  , Arusha. click here


Animal Welfare

Tanzania is not lagging behind with the rest of the world in upholding responsible care for (Duty to Care) and prevention of cruelty (Humane Treatment) to animals. Some ethnic societies such as the Gogo are known to love their animals (cattle) so much that they don’t allow their use as draught animals while others (Chaggas and Pares) used to provide accommodation even in human dwellings. How ever aspects of cruelty to animals have been occurring in the country to warrant the promulgation of the Animal Protection Ordinance Cap 153 and the formation of civic societies standing for prevention of cruelty to animals such as the Tanzania Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (TSPCA) and other recent humane societies like Dar-Animal Heaven, Arusha Society for Protection of Animals and the opening of the World Society for Protection of Animals Africa Regional Office in Dar-es-Salaam in 2007.
Tanzanian government has in principle accepted the universal call for animal welfare by first incorporating Animal Welfare Concerns in her National Livestock Policy (Chapter 3.19), establishing a desk to deal with Animal Welfare in the Ministry Livestock Development and initiating the review of Animal Protection Ordinance Cap 153 and drafting a new more comprehensive piece of legislation-the Animal Welfare Act .Tanzanians have also not lagged behind in signing for the Universal Declaration for Animal Welfare (Rights) they are second to South Africa by January 2007 in the signing campaign calling for National Governments to propose to the Economic & Social Council (ECOSOC) of the United Nations for Animal Welfare Declaration” be ratified by this assembly to achieve global consideration of the welfare of sentient animals and take animal welfare as an issue of importance and as part of the social development of nations worldwide through the adoption of a Universal Declaration on Animal Welfare (UDAW). With the Animal Welfare Act in the offing Tanzania will accede to UDAW when it will be tabled at the United Nations.
The proposed Animal Welfare Act is based on the Five Fundamental Freedoms of Animals and Three R’s and covers all animals vertebrates and invertebrates other than man that are sentient or scientific investigation will prove them to be sentient-capable of awareness and of feeling pain, suffering and distress.
The new AWA will:-
(a) Ensure that animals are cared for according to their Universal Five Freedoms which are:-

  • Freedom from Hunger ,Thirst, and Malnutrition
  • Freedom from Fear and Distress
  • Freedom from Physical Discomfort
  • Freedom from Pain, Injury and Disease
  • Freedom to Express Normal Patterns of Behaviour

(b) Recognize animals as sentient beings, that animal protection is an important aspect of any developed society which reflect the degree of moral and cultural maturity of that society, that animal welfare enhances livestock productivity and that humans have a moral obligation to care for animals, respect and protect which constitute Duty to Care;
(c)Ensure animal experimentation promotes Reduction in numbers of animals, Refinement of experimental methods and Replacement of animals with non-animal techniques

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